CargoLoc 32515 Ceiling Mount Bike Lift

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CargoLoc 32515 Ceiling Mount Bike Lift Description

Style:Ceiling Mount Product description The Ceiling Mount Bike Lift utilizes the unused space in your garage your ceiling. The ceiling bike rack works like household blinds just pull on the rope to raise and lock the bike in the air and loosen the rope to lower it. For added safety if the rope slips out of your hand while raising or lowering it automatically grabs to keep the bike from falling. A great way to put that formerly unused space to work in your garage. This ceiling mount bicycle lift can hold mountain bikes sport bikes adult bikes childrens bikes and more with a maximum load of 45 pounds. Installation to ceiling joists is required but the bike rack comes with complete instructions and all necessary hardware to complete the job. The vinyl coated hooks and durable steel construction provides years of reliable use. The perfect accessory for any bike enthusiast or for someone who needs more space in their garage. Ceiling Mount Bike Lift Features Pull the rope to hoist the bike and loosen the rope to lower it. A From the Manufacturer Ceiling mount bike lift. Great for storing a bike or more high above in air space.

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